Sunday, August 2, 2009

Rocco Forte Opens 120m Euro Golf Resort in Sicily

Rocco Forte, the succesfull hotelier will finally open a golf resort in Sicily after an incredible 7 years of bureaucracy. Mr. Forte has a strong record in the hotel business and has since made huge successes of "the faded stars" within the luxury hotel sector, turning them into profitable establishments once again.

The Verdura Golf Spa & Resort will cover over 230 hectares and have a total of 203 rooms. The will be a total of four restaurants and 1.8km of its own private coastline. There will also be a massive spa.

He commented that he always wanted to do a golf resort, because he didn´t think anyone in Europe had got it right yet! This also illustrates that regardless how deep your pockets are, red tape can still take time to overcome in this region, the good news is that you can get there in the end.