Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Calabria Property Palm View Construction Pictures

For those of you who have purchased property in Palm View - Reggio Di Calabria here are some construction photos kindly supplied by the developer. These pictures were taken on 11th July.

We will continue to post these photos here as and when they come in.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Italy Tourism Minister Halts Rip-Offs

Michela Brambilla has made it clear she wants to stop the systematic fleecing of tourists in Italy. A recent incident regarding a Japanese couple being charged €700for a meal in Rome seems to be the catalyst for a new initiative to stop sharp practice within the many services industries involved with serving holiday makers.

She has announced the formation of a commission that will monitor the price across the sector and has given her assurance that it will stop the ridiculous rip-offs that unsuspecting travellers have to endure.

Perhaps the same idea might be employed in London!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Reggio Di Calabria Records Highest Increase in Consumer Price Index

The consumer price index in Italy decreases from 0.9% in May to 0.5% in June. This is its lowest level for the inflation index since September 1968! The highest increases in the index were recorded in Trieste (+1%) and Reggio Calabria.

Source : The Italian National Institute of Statistics

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Reggio Calabria Included in GO/Air Malta Collaboration

GO and Air Malta have teamed up to launch a great travel offer – Fly Two – exclusively for GO fixed phone post-paid customers. Fly Two gives these GO customers the chance to book the holiday of their dreams or travel for business on Air Malta flights to a range of 21 destinations. The offer covers two persons on a return basis at a cost of e199 which includes taxes, fuel surcharges and fees for both passengers travelling together for the entire journey.

The Fly Two offer is valid for travel to the following destinations: Amsterdam, Athens, Berlin, Birmingham, Budapest, Catania, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Istanbul, Leipzig, London Gatwick, Manchester, Milan, Munich, Paris, Reggio Calabria, Rome, Sofia, Vienna and Zurich.

Those interested in the exclusive travel offer may simply log on to www.airmalta.com/go and register their participation by filling in and submitting the form provided – after inputting GO in the reference field. They will automatically receive a confirmation to be presented at registration stage later on. All GO fixed phone post-paid customers will be receiving information on this offer with their bills.

Fly Two registration and ticketing will be done at the Air Malta sales office at the Malta International Airport and in Victoria up to 8 August. GO customers can utilise this offer and fly between 5 November, 2009 and 23 March, 2010 (excluding the blackout period 17 December, 2009 to 7 January, 2010).

Thursday, July 9, 2009

New Air Route - Reggio -Verona

Air Italy announced the new services from Verona-"Catullo" airport to Reggio. Flights will be on Tuesday and on Thursday starting from July 28 till September 3.

Bureaucracy Damages Progress for Reggio Airport

€4m is currently waiting to be invested into the development of new air routes.
The reason the money (from the Italian government) has not been allocated is bacause of something referred to as "Conference of the services". The governor of Calabria, Agazio Loiero, was supposed to call this in 2008 and until he does this money will remain dormant.

I really can´t understand why this hasn´t been done, as surely the region of Reggio Di Calabria and its businesses involved in tourism could do with added footflow.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Bob Geldoff and Silvio Berlusconi

Further to my post on the heated meeting, here is the article published in The Times today -

Bob Geldof joined the Pope to turn up the pressure on Silvio Berlusconi yesterday with a strident attack on the Italian Prime Minister’s record on aid before this week’s G8 summit.

In a hard-hitting interview published yesterday, Geldof forced Mr Berlusconi to apologise for failing by a huge margin to meet his commitments on fighting poverty.

Shown figures by Geldof proving that Italy had cut aid after promising large increases, Mr Berlusconi said: “I am sorry, we made a mistake . . . Our Economy Minister Giulio Tremonti has made a commitment to readjust in line with our undertakings within three years.” The singer and antipoverty campaigner labelled Mr Berlusconi “Mr 3 Per Cent”, saying that he had delivered only 3 per cent of the aid that Italy pledged at the G8 meeting at Gleneagles in 2005, when Mr Berlusconi was last in office.

“How can you lead the G8? Where is your credibility?” asked Mr Geldof, who guest-edited La Stampa, the Turin daily, for a day. Mr Berlusconi admitted that Italy was “behind with its payments” but said that after Gleneagles he had been out of power for two and a half years, blaming the intervening Government of Romano Prodi and the financial crisis.

When Mr Berlusconi complained that he was being “attacked by the press, the Left and magistrates”, Geldof brushed it aside as irrelevant.

At Gleneagles, the G8 countries vowed to increase aid to Africa by at least $26 billion (£16 billion) by 2010, later revised downward to $21.8 billion.

A report by Geldof’s ONE campaign group last month said that Italy was trailing behind other G8 nations in aid to Africa, putting the whole group’s performance at risk.

Mario Calabresi, the Editor of La Stampa, said that the interview had been “like a boxing match”, and at some points he had expected either Mr Berlusconi or Geldof “to get up and walk out”. He said the Italian leader was suffering from chronic neck pain. The interview followed an open letter from Pope Benedict XVI to Mr Berlusconi on Saturday urging the G8 leaders, whose meeting starts on Wednesday, to “defend the poor”.

The pontiff appealed to them to “listen to the voice of Africa”, adding that the economic crisis meant there was a “real risk not only that hopes of emerging from extreme poverty will be dashed but that populations that have benefited from a minimum of material wellbeing will fall into poverty.

“I appeal to G8 member states to maintain and boost development aid, not in spite of the crisis but precisely because this is one of the main solutions to it,” the pontiff said. He is to publish an encyclical, the most authoritative document a pope can issue, on poverty and globalisation tomorrow.

He praised Mr Berlusconi’s decision to move the summit from Sardinia to L’Aquila after the April 6 earthquake in Abruzzo, however, saying that the relief efforts there served as an example of how to “face challenges”.

The Times

Two Great Restaurants in Reggio Di Calabria


Seafood - try the Antipasti caldi for starters followed by Risotto ai frutti di mare!


Il Fiore del Cappero

More seafood and everything is amazing.

via Zaleuco 7 I - 89125 Reggio Di Calabria
Tel: 0965 20955

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Silvio Berlusconi - Where is Your Credibilty

This question was put to the Italian Prime Minister by Bob Geldoff, "how can you lead the G8, here we have the signature of a country and the honor of a man," said Geldoff alluding to the dis-parity between promised and actual charitable donations from the Italian government for foreign aid.

Geldoff suggested that foreign aid was cut by €400m, " I am sorry we made a mistake" Mr berlusconi cites Italy's public debt mountain and the global economic crisis had forced it to cut spending cuts.

In fairness Italy has had enough heartache and tradgedy on its own shores will the horrific earthquake, but that did not ease geldoff´s line of questioning.

Ryanair - Standing Room only

The latest source of advanced cost cutting for Michael O´Leary and Ryanair is to look at the possibilty of standing passengers on its airline.

I kid you not, in an article published in The Times newspaper O´Leary heard about Spring Airlines, a chinese carrier looking into the possibilty of ultra-low price air travel. This plan apparently reduces costs by 20% and increases capacity by 40% by creating standing room on the aircraft and having no baggage, food or drinks. Like catching a bus!

Already checking out the feasablity with Boeing, the leader of Ryanair is reported to have said, "if I can get it past the Irish Aviation Authourity I will be doing it."

I have heard of Coach class and economy class, but I think cattle class is taking it too far.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Calabria Airports get €40 Million Investment

Operators of the airports in Calabria (Lamezia Terme, Reggio Calabria and Crotone) signed an agreement today, that will enable them to modernize and develop all three locations. The agreement includes a global investment of 40 million euros.

Said agreement aims to fund infrastructure, information technology, telecommunications for the control tower and weather forecasting facilities.
  • Reggio Calabria airport (550,000 passengers in 2008) will receive 16.7 million euros;
  • Lamezia Terme airport (1.5 million passengers) will receive 12.6 million euros;
  • Crotone airport (100,000 transits in 2008) will have 10.3 million euros.

There has already been funding to the tune of around €65 million.