Thursday, October 15, 2009

Silvio Berlusconi Pledges That Work On The Messina Bridge Will Begin Soon

Silvio Berlusconi said that construction of the Messina bridge will begin between December this year and January 2010.

He quoted, "In December-January we will begin that great and fundamental piece of infrastructure for Sicily, which is the bridge on the Strait of Messina,"

When it is completed, it will be the longest suspension bridge in the world, at over 3.3 kilometres in length.

Berlusconi also commented that Italy must "wake up from a long sleep!" There have also been reports that he has set up a PR machine that will face head on any bad publicity in the International press.

If I was him I would also be concerned about his own profile globally - maybe he should tone things down a little!!

Updated Progress Photos From Palm View Site

Hello everybody, firstly I am sorry there have been so few posts of late but I seem to be speading myself a little to thin lately. We will continue to try our best to get regular updates from the Palm View site over the coming months, so you can all start to see some real progress on all of your respective apartments.

These pictures have been taken over the last few days and although really work had to stop in August there has been progress.