Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Palm View - Latest News

For those of you who purchased an apartment in Palm View and are concerned with the current delay,s there seems to be good news emerging from Calabria. The development had been put on hold because theTown Hall of Bruzzano Zeffirio had halted the works due to the complexes proximity to the sea.

We have just been forwarded a document by Pietro Gatto, from lawyers AVVOCATI GATTO
and by following the link below you can see it.


The document is in Italian, but it explains there are now no issues from the town hall regarding the building works. Dr. Gatto informs me that now building work will resume within the next 3 weeks.

May I take this opportunity to apologise to all of our clients who have been put through an extremely difficult time during this period and I hope things will get back on track as soon as building work commences.

There have been many other clients who have been left in the dark by the previous master agent for this project. We have tried to give as much information as we possibly could to anyone, regardless of who their original agent was, but things have been convoluted and slow, so therefore frustrating for you all.

I appreciate there may be a degree of scepticism, as we were all under the impression that work would have started some time ago, so we will be continuing to push for as much information as we can over the coming month. I sincerely hope that my next blog post is a picture of workers on site!