Monday, April 6, 2009

Blurred Perception of Who Does What

I did a post a couple of months ago entitled who does what, that gave you some insight into how the sale of international property generally works.

There still seems to be a misunderstanding of what a developer is and what roles a master agent/promoter are responsible for.

Another Clarification of Roles

A developer sources and purchases the plot, ensures it has the correct zoning for the type of structure they intend to build. Employment of an architect, a project manager and then all the relevant sub-contractors that get the building up.

The developer very rarely sells a project directly to the public, as their skill set isn´t generally that of a marketer. Promoters and Master agents have a clear understanding of what literature and marketing materials buyers need in order to make a qualified decision about purchasing. A master agent will then recruit real estate agents to sell the development directly to the general public.

I know I have posted on this subject before, but the process seems to be confused and I think purchasers have the right to know specifically where the responsibilty falls on each stage of the overseas purchase process.

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