Thursday, May 7, 2009

More Blue Flag Beaches in Italy

The total number of Italian beaches that have achieved the Blue Flag accolade has grown again. The announcement was made by the International Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) on Wednesday.

The region now has 227 resorts that have been successful in passing the FEE's tests for water and sand quality, that is 12 more than the previous year.

Now Italy is number 5 behind Spain and Greece, both of these countries having over 400 each, France and Turkey have 200. There are now 113 environmentally highly ranked beaches in Italy.

Sicily, Calabria and Lazio all gained one to stand on 4 while Friuli and Sardinia claimed two as in 2008.

The factors that are accessable are water quality, environmental information and safety, cleanliness, provisions for waste and recycling and strict zoning of different beach activities.

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