Sunday, July 5, 2009

Ryanair - Standing Room only

The latest source of advanced cost cutting for Michael O´Leary and Ryanair is to look at the possibilty of standing passengers on its airline.

I kid you not, in an article published in The Times newspaper O´Leary heard about Spring Airlines, a chinese carrier looking into the possibilty of ultra-low price air travel. This plan apparently reduces costs by 20% and increases capacity by 40% by creating standing room on the aircraft and having no baggage, food or drinks. Like catching a bus!

Already checking out the feasablity with Boeing, the leader of Ryanair is reported to have said, "if I can get it past the Irish Aviation Authourity I will be doing it."

I have heard of Coach class and economy class, but I think cattle class is taking it too far.

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