Monday, May 11, 2009

Palm View - Site Work Begins

Work on the Palm View project has begun. There have been adverse weather conditions that initially delayed the start date, but now it is all systems go for this development.

I hope to be producing photos as often as possible on this blog.


  1. Hi All,
    Does anyone have any update re Palm View and the developer/sales team parting company ?.
    Or indeed ANY news or photos most welcome.
    Thanks .

  2. Who did you purchase you apartment through - yes we have direct contact with the builder/promotor.

  3. Hi Mark we bought through GEM estates and their agent in Calabria .
    We are gratefull to you for the updates about the development and that it is now less than half the size etc .
    Do you have anymore news and or pictures please?.
    Thank you.

  4. We are in direct contact with the developer so when we get updates we will forward them to you. We will need you email address though.