Friday, February 27, 2009

Busy Week Draws to an End

Here we are on Friday, a busy week for us here in the office. We have been really surprised how quickly people have gotten to know about this Blog, sending emails and asking questions involving many different topics. Rentals, investment, legals are just some of the subjects I have been getting in my inbox.

My week has ended on a high note, as after marathon research and negotiation we have managed to secure a fabulous project in Riace. I don´t want this to be a site promoting developments I am involved in so I´ll leave it at that!

I hope to have some good pictures and some great restaurant recommendations (hopefully ones I don´t know about already, so I can try them when I´m there next month) over the next few days, kindly supplied by one of our clients currently out in Reggio surveying the progress of their purchase.

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