Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Furnishing Your Calabria Property

Another question I am frequently asked from clients who intend to rent their property is - How should I furnish it?

Here is some advice from hard gained property rental experience that will give you an idea.

- Keep in mind most furniture packages available don´t include basic items such as ironing boards & irons, vacuum cleaners, etc

- If you intend to rent off-season when it can get cool in Calabria make sure you have some rugs and a reasonably priced heater.

- Air-conditioning - Not cheap, but if I had the choice to rent an apartment with air-con or one without, I know which one I would choose. Not installing this may be false economy. If your budget wont stretch, try ceiling fans.

- Buy easily replaceable items, as you don´t want to have a set 12 different glasses and different coloured plates!

- Don´t buy leather Sofas unless you really, really want them yourself. They are too hot to sit on in the heat and freezing when its cold.

-Take an inventory of all that you buy and make sure this is checked by your rental management agency after each rental. (Take a deposit for damages)

- Shop around for electrical items as they can be expensive in Calabria

If this is a only a rental investment property, leave your own taste for you own home. You want functional, good value durable items that are as neutral as possible.

Above all enjoy yourself furnishing your new apartment!

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