Sunday, February 1, 2009

Travel in Calabria

Getting Around Calabria
Car: The A3 or Autostrada del Sol, shown on the map, runs toll-free from Salerno to Reggio Calabria.
By rail: the Rome - Naples - Reggio di Calabria follows the autostrada route. Other lines include the eastern line of Taranto-Sibari-Crotone-Catanzaro Lido - Reggio Calabria and connectors Lamezia-Catanzaro, and Paola-Cosenza.

Airports: Lamezia is Calabria's largest airport, with connections to the main Italian cities and to some European destinations. Minniti Airport in Reggio di Calabria offers flights to Rome and Milan as well as Malta and Madrid in summer. Sant' Anna airport in Crotone is relatively new and offers some international connections like Istanbul, Copenhagen, Berlin, and Monaco.

Ferries: There are connections across the straights of Messina to Sicily. There are also ferries to Malta.

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