Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Price per Square Metre in The Reggio Area

Following on from the article outlining average advertised property price, we have done a price per m2 analysis of the developments within the region.

I won´t name individual developments, but the gulf between the most expensive and cheapest is significant.

There was one project that had an apartment costing nearly €3400 per m2, this was by far the most expensive, in fact its closest in price was €500 m2 less!This particular apartment did have a unique feature, therefore I can understand why it is more money, it is always difficult to put a price on something unique!

The lowest price per m2 I found was €1943. The developments mentioned had good sea views and similar qualities. The determining price factor was distance to the beach, but bear in mind we are only talking about 100 metre variant.

Refer back to my previous post if you are wondering how I work out my calculations.
My personal opinion is that at present anything over €2500 per m2 is excessive and if you are looking at getting a reasonable rental yield per m2 I think my assumption is justified.

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  1. I just don't get why the M2 price in Calabria is more than the price of Central York, England, having just worked out the price per m2 of my own house which is bang in central york with a picture postcard view of york minster. It seems that house prices in Italy are even higher than in the UK, and I can't get my head around why given the overall Italian economy.