Thursday, March 19, 2009

Calabria Property - When its Time to Sell!

Ok, you are probably thinking why would someone who owns a real estate company be giving me this advice?

Simple. This is something that more and more people are doing, I am not going to pontificate to you about how using an agent is the only way to go, because truthfully it isn´t. You have a choice,in fact most people who try and sell their property privately will use an agent in conjunction with their own efforts, don´t forget the bigger the audience the better the chance of you selling.

Anyway, that's enough of me trying to explain why I´m offering advice, here is some information that will help you -

Selling Your Calabria Property

A real estate agents role consists of advertising property;

  • advising on value
  • taking good photos of the property
  • writing a good honest description
  • co-ordinate and conduct viewing and deal with offers.

Now I´m sure none of the above activities are beyond any of you reading this blog.

Advertising Your Property in Calabria Online

Online marketing for property is growing at such a rapid rate, that getting your property out to the masses has never been easier, so this is way you are going to go.

There are many online services you can choose to sell them privately and I´m not going to advertise any of them here.I think it is better if you do some research yourself , as I described for rental companies, use some phrases on Google search that people would type in if looking for a property. Ie Calabria property, property in Calabria etc.


  • Get good clear photographs of your property
  • Think of all the benefits and list them
  • Establish a fair price by market comparison
  • Choose a good property portal that shows high up in Google for selected key words
  • Check terms and conditions and how you are billed from the portal
  • Arrange a key holding service to show prospective clients if you are not there
  • Make sure you have a good lawyer who can draw up contracts
  • Negotiate offers hard, its your money!

I know many people who have employed this method, with varying degrees of success so it does work.

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  1. I am also very much into real estate investments, but only in South East Asia. Keep up the post!