Monday, March 30, 2009

What Should my Preliminary Contract Contain

Although this post doesn´t constitute legal advise, it will give you a guideline as to what to expect within the private contract.

• detailed cadastrale description of the land;

• ownership of the land and related title deed( s ) ;

• good standing of the land (mortgages and any
other legal burden have to be fully detailed, i f
a n y ) ;

• planning authorizations issued ;

• duration of the building works and exact time
when the property will be finished, transferred
and handed over.

Any contract must therefore contain the following annexes :

• a plan of the entire development ;
• a plan of the single building unit ;
• a detailed description of the building specifications , which the developer should carefully follow during the building works .

The above would be regarded the basic structure you should look out for in all preliminary contracts.

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