Monday, March 9, 2009

Trying to get an Accurate Average Price per SQ. Metre in Calabria

I have been trying to get a proper average price per M2 in the Calabria region for my clients and myself for some time. did a great survey and produced the value of advertised property which I posted previously.

The Global Property Guide produced a survey similar to that of Italy Mag, however the figure of Euro 7054 per metre was a snapshot of capital city living, rather than the emerging Southern Italy.

Nomisma publishes average prices for some areas, semi-annually and has done since December 1990, but not for Calabria! Il Consulente Immobiliare have actual transaction statistics but the information isn't easily obtainable.

We have already done a calculation of this for our clients on the majority of licenced projects in the region, but am looking to produce a "total" guide as soon as I can.

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