Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Press Articles for Calabria Property

There have been two articles giving some negative feedback on some Calabria property developments within the space of three weeks.

Most of the projects that both articles refer to,I cannot give insight into, as we do not work with company who promoted them.

Jewel of the Sea is a project that we have offered, although it was only the front line beach phase and we have just been informed that VFI are withdrawing from further promotion of this development. Until we hear the official story we will not be offering this project until further notice.

I have questioned two lawyers within the region about environmental issues hindering the construction progress and there is little or no knowledge of this and no official statement given. I had hoped to get to Calabria this month, to try and clarify the situation personally but have had to postpone the trip.

I really don´t want to speculate until I am in possession of all the facts, then I will relay them to you in an honest and straightforward fashion. Communication is key in the current environment and although this can take time please be sure that I will always do my best to pass on relevant information.

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