Friday, March 6, 2009

The Role of an International Real Estate Company

I have been thinking carefully about this subject for some time, having been operating within the industry for years, I find it really sad reading some of the stories posted on many of the forums. Many purchasers are left in the dark during the construction process and in some cases as soon as their deposit is paid.

I don´t want to appear like I´m preaching, but this business requires more than that of your local estate agent in England.

There currently seems to be concern on some of the forums about delays on various projects, this is really annoying for you all and I appreciate that. What I think seems to be more annoying (correct me if I am wrong) is lack of clear information on why.

Correct information can be difficult to obtain, especially when different languages and cultures are involved, but I do think it is up to the selling agent to push for answers, rather the buyer.

Through my experience I can´t think of any international development in an emerging market that has finished exactly on time and although I am far from complacent about this, there are a whole host of dynamics that have adverse effects on the stated completion times eg. weather, issues with subcontractors etc.

What I will add is that although it may take time I WILL get answers for my clients to most questions they pose and hope that they feel they can trust us to do so, rather than waste their own time going around in circles!

What I do find sad, is that many clients end up looking to agents who do provide clear information as they aren´t getting any from the company they originally signed up with.
On a positive note the current economic climate will ensure only the those who deliver great service will survive, removing shoddy operators and leaving the companies willing to go that extra mile.

Good news for the property industry and for you, the client.

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